Skinner Machine

Discover our revolutionary unpacking machine “Skinner” – a fully automatic universal recycling solution for packaged foodstuffs weighing between 0.07 and 8.8 oz (2 and 250 g)

Nobody is perfect – and packaging machines are no exception. When food is not packed as planned, there are usually two options for companies: either to discard the goods or to unpack them by hand in order to reuse them for rework.
The first option causes loss and waste, the second approach is costly and time-consuming.

We offer a third solution: Thanks to our unpacking machine “Skinner”,
a fully automatic, time saving, environmentally friendly, and profitable use of rework is possible.

This is how the Skinner works:

Faulty products that are ejected from the manufacturing process are directly carried to the Skinner via assembly line connection. The Skinner unwraps the product and the packaging is collected in an attached container for recycling. The unpacked broken product is either also collected in a container or automatically reintegrated into the rework process via conveyor belt. Usually, detectors first check the rework for packaging residues before it is crushed mechanically and reused in the production process.

This system guarantees a fully automatic rework process and a successful recycling management.

The Skinner prototype was developed for Manner – the famous European wafer, candy and confectionary manufacturer – for the product Bellona, which is sold by the company Lidl.
This machine has been used since 2018. Since then, it has been further developed and equipped with a semi-automatic product feed. The adaption has been used for products of various manufacturers, such as Neapolitaner wafers, milk hazelnut wafers, so called Tortenecken (wafers shaped like slices of cake), Mignon wafers, whole grain bars, chocolate and chocolate rum plums.

The Skinner can be easily adapted to the specific products of different manufacturers – only a few modifications a necessary.

It has been scientifically proven that the Skinner is economically profitable.
In most cases there is an ROI of a few months.

If you are interested in the Skinner, please contact us!